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GPS pet positioning collar

GPS pet positioning collar

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Product Description:
Item Type: pet tracking collar
Material: ABS
Color: blue, black

Feature: Adjustable
Target audience: Dogs
Size: 53 * 27 * 22mm
1. The individual LED screen can display clearly and is convenient to use.
2. 8 multi-positioning functions: real-time position, historical tracking of footsteps, precise positioning, GPS + Beidou + WF + LBS + AGPS, etc.
3. Remote real-time recording, one-way remote listening to the surrounding voice, you can listen to the voice in animal life at any time and understand their dynamics in real time.
4. Intelligent tracking. The safety range can be set. When the animal leaves the security fence, the mobile application will immediately give a reminder.
5. Service platform: With the client for the computer and the phone and the application for IOS and for Android.
Note: this product only supports 2G network environment

The device supports mobile 2/3/4G mobile phone cards and IoT network cards. CDMA telecom cards and Unicom cards are not supported.
2. To select a GSM network nano SIM card, you need to activate the GPRS traffic access function. To use the phone function, the SIM card needs to activate call and caller ID display.

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